Kelly Porch Counselling in Kettering

What Is Person-Centered Counselling?

There are many different approaches to counselling and my main approach is Person-Centered. This is a non-directive type of counselling, which means that I will not direct what we talk about, that will be your choice. The basis for this is that I believe that nobody knows you better than you know yourself - you just may not realise it yet! Through the counselling relationship we can begin to work towards you becoming more self-aware and more in control of creating the positive changes that you want to achieve.

What Can I Expect From Counselling At Kelly Porch Counselling?

I will provide you with a safe and confidential service, where you can explore any issues, emotions and problems that are affecting you and your life. I will listen with empathy and will be non-judgemental and accepting. I will not provide you with any specific answers or direction but will work with you to attempt to identify the direction that you wish to go in.

How Long Will Counselling Take Before I See An Improvement?

Counselling can be either short-term and long-term and it is impossible to predict how many sessions you will require. There is no limit to the number of sessions that you can have and the counselling will proceed at your pace. Regular reviews will be undertaken to identify whether counselling is meeting your needs or to identify whether ongoing counselling is still necessary.

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