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  • Are you struggling with depression or low mood and would like to live a more full of life and feel like you are in a  better place to face the day ahead?

  • Perhaps you are feeling anxious or worrying a lot and would like to understand this more and develop strategies to stop?

  • Have you been diagnosed with a health condition or have chronic pain and are struggling to cope or accept the diagnosis? Perhaps it is causing you to feel depressed and/or anxious or you are feeling isolated and lonely? Would like to move to a place of more acceptance and less isolation? Do you want to develop a 'new normal'?

  • Have you overcome an addiction and are struggling to move forward with you life? Have all of your emotions come back as part of your recovery and you would like somewhere to process these things and move forward with your life? Do you have a sense of shame and would like to deal with this?

  • Do you struggle with low self-esteem or low-self-worth? Do you want to feel better about yourself and value yourself more for what you have to offer the world?

  • Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Do you want to feel more grounded, less stressed? Perhaps you want to sleep better or practice more self-care?

I can help you with all of these things and more and would love to help you overcome whatever it is you are struggling with right now.

Sometimes the hardest part is making contact in the first place. Finding the courage to pick up the phone or send an email can be scary. Anxiety, lack of confidence and fear are often felt by those who are looking to make the first step. 

I am an experienced and qualified therapeutic counsellor and I work with a wide variety of concerns including:-

  • Depression;

  • Anxiety;

  • Stress;

  • Self-confidence and low self-esteem;

  • Impact of health issues;

  • Bereavement;

  • Family and relationship problems;

  • Addictions and post-addiction;

  • Anger

  • Trauma


How Can I Help You?

I can promise that once you make that first step I will provide a space where you will feel safe, supported, understood and not judged. 


I can help you to:-

  • Feel less anxious;

  • Improve your depression and low mood;

  • Be free from guilt and shame;

  • Achieve a new normal in relation to health issues;

  • Work through grief and loss;

  • Feel less stressed;

  • Develop better relationships;

  • Overcoming addiction;

  • Moving forward after addiction;

  • Feeling less angry.

When you first make contact I will arrange to give you a call to briefly chat through what you are looking for support with and arrange an initial 30 minute consultation appointment at a time convenient for you. 

This appointment will give us the opportunity to discuss what you are looking for support with as well as meeting me, getting a feel for where the counselling takes place and what it will be like. I will also answer any questions that you may have. There is no obligation to begin counselling with me after this appointment. 

Services Offered

Counselling in Kettering

Individual Counselling

I offer high quality individual therapy for  adults (18+) where I will support you in achieving your goals or resolving any life issues you are struggling with.

Welbeig suppot for businesses in Northamptonshire

Business Support

If you would like to improve the provision of well-being support for your staff or provide supervision then I can help.

Clinica supervision for professionals

Clinical Supervision

If you are a therapist or another professional looking for clinical supervision then I can provide this. Get in touch now for a further discussion

Counselling for chronic illness and pain

Chronic Illness and Pain

Are you struggling to live with a chronic health diagnosis? Is it affecting your mental health and well-being? I can support you with this.