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Could Counselling Help You ?

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness then I can work with you in coming to terms with your diagnosis and the life you feel you have lost by supporting you into creating what I like to a call a 'new normal’ life.

Why do I feel equipped to do this? Well, I have a chronic illness myself, Fibromyalgia, and therefore I feel that I have deep understanding of how a chronic illness can affect people. 

​If you are struggling with a chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Diabetes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then you will probably agree that in addition to experiencing physical effects, a chronic illness can have a huge impact on your emotional and psychological health and well-being. It did for me and I know I'm not alone. 

I believe that although therapeutic counselling cannot take away or cure your illness it can really teach you how to accept it and work with it rather than against it. You CAN work towards creating a life with the chronic illness in it and I would love to be part of that journey with you.  

Struggling with a chronic illness is a very personal experience, as each individual will perceive and experience their

illness differently.

It therefore follows that how it is managed is also a personal process and this is where I can help. 


  • I provide a place where you can really focus on yourself and understand the impact your chronic illness has had on you and your life;

  • I will work with you to explore your personal experiences of your chronic illness and the emotions and feelings that come with it;

  • Diagnosis of a chronic illness can often result in experiencing feelings of loss and grief, much like if a loved one has died. I will provide an environment where you feel comfortable and safe enough to focus on this sense of loss and work with you to look at this and feel more at peace with it; 

  • I provide a place where you can begin to develop a new sense of identity and build your self-esteem and self-worth which can often become lost when diagnosed with a chronic illness;

  • I provide a place where you can begin to gain a sense of control and move towards a more positive and happy life;

  • I understand how isolating and lonely having a chronic illness can be - loss of different relationships, fear of judgement, experience of judgement from others.

  • There may be events or issues from your past that now impact upon your ability to live with a chronic illness or may have been the direct cause of your diagnosis. I can work you through these issues to try to lessen the impact they have on living with your chronic illness.


Whether you are newly diagnosed or you have lived with your illness for a long time, counselling can help you to explore your feelings, emotions, behaviour, coping strategies and many other factors that affect your well-being as a result of being chronically ill.

Family Members and Friends

Chronic illness can also impact on the family members, friends and loved ones of those who have been diagnosed. If this is you then you may be experiencing worry, stress, anxiety, depression, guilt or other feelings that you don't feel able to communicate to the person, perhaps for fear of adding to the burden that they are already experiencing or upsetting them. 

Counselling can help you to explore your feelings and the impact the diagnosis is having on you too.