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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

An initial 30 minute consultation is £20 with no obligation to begin counselling with me.

The cost of a full 50 minute counselling session is £45            

What will a counselling session be like?

When attending a session you will be provided with the opportunity to discuss your emotions, thoughts, feelings, worries and concerns. Sometimes it might involve talking about painful memories or traumatic events that may have happened. This process is necessary to help you to move forward to the aims and goals that you would like to achieve. 

I won't give you advice or make suggestions, instead I will listen in a non-judgemental way, experiencing your issues and concerns from your world and work with you to find the right answers, actions or ways forward that will fit best with you. 

How do I Pay?

Sessions are payable in advance payment is made upon booking using one of the following methods:-

  • Cash;

  • Debit Card;

  • Online Bank Transfer

Please speak to me about details of advance payment discounts.

How often do I need to attend?

Counselling is a commitment for both client and counsellor​.


To make the most out of counselling and to ensure the best chance of success, counselling sessions usually take place once a week and are 50 minutes in length. 


At times, fortnightly appointments are available but these are when a client is perhaps coming to the end of their counsellingand would like to ease out of the counselling more gently than simply just stopping. 

What is counselling?

Counselling falls under the umbrella term of a 'talking therapy'. When a person attends counselling they are able to discuss their problems, issues and concerns in a safe and confidential environment. People will attend counselling for many different reasons but it is often because they want to change something in their lives or to explore their thoughts and feelings about something in more depth.

Can I end counselling at any time?

You are free to end counselling at any time. However, endings  (sometimes called termination of counselling) in counselling is just as important as the counselling itself.​


Irvin Yalom, a famous therapist, stated ‘Termination [of a counselling session] is more than an act signifying the end of therapy; it is an integral part of the process of therapy and, if properly understood and managed, may be an important factor in the instigation of change.’ 

I therefore ask that you let me know if you would like to end so that we can have a formal ending session.