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It's the First Day of Spring!

I don't know about you all but the first day of spring always sparks joy in me. The dreary days and dark nights of Winter are behind us for a while and we hopefully can welcome sunny days and bright evenings. Daffodils and tulips and two of my favourite flowers (Sunflowers are my favourite) and they are everywhere at this time of year.

For me, Spring brings so much visual colour to the world and Hindus celebrate the arrival of Spring with a colourful festival called Holi. It involves throwing coloured powder at one another - sounds messy but a lot of fun. In Central Asia, Nowruz ('No' - new and 'rouz' - day) is celebrated symbolising new life, new beginnings and the rebirth of nature. The festivities begin with the cleaning of homes and then multi-day festivities of bonfires and costumes. In Bosnia, they celebrate 'Cimburijada' which translates into the 'Festival of Scrambled Eggs'. At dawn, Bosnians will gather of he banks of the river and share a communal breakfast of scrambled eggs whilst listening to music and sharing time with family and friends.

There are many traditions around the world that celebrate the first day of Spring. I wonder whether you have any traditions? For me the start of Spring is an opportunity to review my self-care which is one of the most important contributions to positive mental health.

I often start the New Year in January with resolutions of ensuring that I look after myself, spend quality time with family and friends, balance my life and work and eat well. The start of Spring almost gives me a prompt to review how I am doing with those things and make adjustments. Self-care is often the first thing to slip when manoeuvring through modern life that has become so busy and hectic. I sometimes find myself struggling to breathe because I haven't noticed that my self-care had slipped. What Spring brings is often that point at which I stop and notice. The increased sunlight brings me much needed energy, the temperature begins to rise (which for those of us with Fibromyalgia can bring relief), we often get ourselves outside in the fresh air more expanding our lungs which results in more oxygen getting to our brains helping our mental health.

Take a moment today to stop and review how you are doing. I will be!